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troops in after 2014. this new cabinet coming in, this really is the obama national security team. people who more reflect his values rather than something that is politically palatable. he doesn't have to worry about the politics. he can put john brennan at the cia and have john kerry at the secretary of state. all reflecting the values of barack obama and obama doctrine that a lot of people expected. >> you also wrote he probably regrets the afghan surge, but he can never say it because soldiers died. >> a lot of us -- the prospects for peace were always bleak. the ability to nation build in a country like that and to be able to raise the number of troops you would have to have in a country like that to be able to put that on the footing is exceedingly difficult. very difficult. there is no alternative economy to copy for a lot of farmers that are there that makes heroin and opium for heroin, that is a very difficult situation for the united states to be in. i think we are starting to see vice president biden's advice where he said they needed to drawdown and do more covert operations a
about deeper problems with president obama's national security team and his national security approach. i wonder if this is emblematic of a deeper problem. >> now that there's a scrutiny and you know, i understand roland's point about the cabinet overall, but defense secretary and epa chief are two very different things in the public eye in terms of the attention that they get, the authority that they have. at this point, would a woman want to be nominated? if the president comes out for the next thing and nominates a woman, is she going to feel whether it's true or not, everyone will think she's just getting it because she's a woman? >> it's possible but i think it wouldn't be true. i think there are fantastic women out there. i think that they know that they're good and they are good. there would be plenty of people who would rise to their defense. i think that that earlier point is a really important one. this isn't just about being nice to women or something. there's a ton of evidence out there that if you have more diverse decision making groups, they make better, smarter decision
here. jim acosta tonight is keeping 'em honest. >> when president obama signed national health care reform into law, few in washington knew that buried in the legislation's more than 900 pages was a gift to the nation's powerful gun lobby. but here it is. a provision entitled "protection of second amendment rights." it states the government and health insurers cannot collect any information relating to the lawful ownership or possession of a firearm or ammunition. the provision was such a secret, "the washington post" reports that some people in the white house didn't even know it existed, despite being in the president's signature legislation. joan alger did notice it. >> who put it in there? it might surprise you to learn it was this man, the most powerful democrat in congress, senate majority leader, harry reid. but why? a democratic source close to the passage of the health care law tells cnn, this is what was viewed as a relatively benign way to make sure the national rifle association didn't get involved with this. reid has been a top advocate of gun rights for years. in fact,
day meeting with president obama that starts next week. >> so sobering news from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. 2012 was the hottest year on record in the lower 48 states. with an average temperature at 55.3 degrees. now that shattered the previous record set in 1998 by a full degree while the majority of the country saw above average temperatures including las vegas and boise, cities like los angeles and seattle saw below average readings. 2012 was the second worst year for extreme weather events. human activity especially the burning of fossil fuels is contributing to changes in the u.s. climate. >>> today, the debate over what to do over gun violence continues in washington with the launch of vice president's biden's task force. yesterday, gabrielle giffords marked the two-year anniversary of the shooting which she narrowly survived by joining the call for more action. nbc's tracie potts joins us live with the details. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: richard, good morning. congresswoman giffords marking the occasion with a push for gun safety. she's going a
our freedoms are at stake and our constitutional rights are at stake. >> reporter: president obama has tasked vice president biden with delivering new proposals to curb gun violence. this week he is getting input from victim groups and gun owners. a national rifle association representative will be at thursday's meeting. the vice president will also sit down with representatives from the videogame industry. the president has also asked the task force to look into ways to improve mental health. in washington, danielle nottingham, cbs 5. >>> meanwhile, in newtown, connecticut, local businesses are getting a $500,000 grant from the state. it's supposed to make up for lost business after the school shooting last month. road closings and crowds paying their respects at the memorials shut down as many as 16 businesses around town for almost two weeks after a gunman killed 20 students and six educators at sandy hook elementary school. >>> heart-wrenching 911 calls from the colorado movie theater massacre were played at a preliminary hearing for suspect
but the same tune as the british national anthem. as the first obama and not grow ceremony in 2009, sold at the low orbit the franklin sang get what we're in a memorable had. >> break the nils out of new york right now. officials state at 30 to 50 people were actually hurt in the nyse ferry crashed, including one critical with head injuries. mark will have more on this story in two minutes. >> some of the witnesses on board stated that when it hit the dock everyone that was standing ended up on the floor. there are being treated on the dock itself and some of them were taken to the hospital. we will be right back. whatever you're in the mood for, sizzler's endless salad bar has over 50 delicious choices. soups, salads, appetizers, and more starting at $8.99 for lunch. sizzler. where fresh is fun. u-verse high speed internet.
really be all about. and as we have been not only responding, reacting to this national tragedy that i think president obama has adequately described as broken all of our hearts, and in every funeral that has taken place, for those 20 innocent children and six innocent adults in the school districts, and school administrators, we obviously have shared in that very tragic event, all of us. it has touched everybody across this country. san francisco is no different. and i have shared that emotional experience with the supervisor and everybody here, in our law enforcement, and in our health department as well. the question for us, then, is what do we do about it? and not only can we share in this tragedy and signal our sympathies to the families as we've done, but we've got to do something more. and this is where i want to make sure i recognize all of the people that are in that effort of doing something about it, including the officials in san francisco. and some have been at this longer than others to try to do something about it, have reached limitations. yet again, i think this traged
on possible gun control laws. president barack obama put vice- president joseph biden in charge with proposals and the national rifles association will be getting together with other gun owner groups. >>> they will not take part and wal-mart was invited to attend tomorrow. wal-mart will not be there due to a schedule willing project. and mike thompson is holding a prevention foreman and they are taking the task force and they are there to hear ideas about what to it be done. that will be held at vallejo city hall from 7:00 to 8:30. the last witness will take the stand about the colorado movie rampage. coming up, what a detective is saying about the dedecoratives -- detectives strange behavior after the arrest. >>> he was arrested outside his home. williams appeared for reckless driving. according to police williams is supposed to appear in court on a misdemeanor battery charge. >>> judgment has arrived for barry bonds. the home run king has been selected for the hall of fame. some 600 baseball riders will go and many have gone to a case tied to steer road scandal. every giant is looking to be
services for many presidents including barack obama. and today, the washington national cathedral is entering the history books once again. effective immediately and for the first time ever gay and lesbian couples can celebrate the right of marriage at its altar. joining me now to talk about his historic decision is dean of the washington national cathedral the reverend gary hall. reverend hall, it's great to have you here, the national cathedral, certainly a landmark that we all know and love in this country. as americans this is an active house of wore chip is in the e episcop episcopal church. >> thomas, thank you. it's very much a confluence of a couple of trend it's. one is the episcopal church in 2012 approved a right, a ritual for the blessing of same-sex relationships with the understanding that in areas where marriage is legal for same-sex couples, that that right 0 could be adapted by the local diocese. and in the diocese of washington which includes the district of columbia and now parts of maryland, it's legal everywhere, same-sex marriage is legal everywhere in the
national security posts at this time in mr. obama's presidency, does that tell us something about what this president wants in terms of policy, and what he thinks are the right lessons from our previous lives during wartime, for this particular life during wartime that we are all in together? joining us can colonel jack jacobs. he is an msnbc war analyst. he was awarded for his service in vietnam. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> there is two questions here there is the policy question which i want to get to. but there is also this question of whether a cabinet with three wounded vietnam veterans in the cabinet is important milestone to veterans itself? >> i think it is important to veterans there are lots and lots of things going on here. part of it is a veneer. there is a certain amount of public relations involved in having three combat veterans from that era, from my era now in positions of tremendous authority and responsibility, working for a president who, as you said, was too young to go into the service even if he wanted. so there is a bit of public relations
by a national security advisor could be part of the a negotiating strategy when president obama meets with afghan president on friday. >>> venezuelan officials say hugo chavez will not be able to attend his scheduled inauguration. the president of venezuela has been undergoing cancer treatment. >>> there are other stories making news around the world tonight. in peru a chinook helicopter crashed in the jungle killing the five americans and 2peruvian crew members on board. none of the americans were from california. the chopper was headed to an oil rigging location. witnesses say it lost control shortly after lift off. >>> in australia, scores of wildfires are burning in several states as temperatures soar to record highs. the fires have consumed tens of thousands of acres and dozens of homes. temperatures reached 113 degrees and could go even higher. as many as 100 people are unaccounted for in one town. but so far a search has revealed no bodies. >>> and in northern ireland, three police officers were injured in a fifth consecutive night of street fights. some 100 people have been ar
in this country. rita williams, ktvu news. >>> more details on the gun control debate. the national gun association says that it will send representatives to those meetings. president obama set the vice president as head of the association against violence. >>> james holmes is the man accused of killing 12 people inside a movie theater. >> they are saying someone is shooting in the auditorium. >> reporter: the call from the theater in aurora lasted 27 seconds with the caller drowned out by the sounds of gunshots. 30 gunshots were heard in that one call alone. today an fbi agent took the stand and described a massive booby trap in the suspect's apartment. it included smokeless powder and live rounds. >>> mcclain wears number 55 he was pulled over for a window tint violation in decatur alabama. he lied about his identity and was arrested. mcclain was previously arrested for firing a gun right next to a man's face also in decature. >>> the parents of the debate group pflag died in her home. jeanne ma nford was a teacher turned activist after her son was beat to death during a demonstration
with the national rifle association and other gun owner groups. president obama wants a report by the end of the month. >>> a hearing continues in the shooting preliminary hearing of james holmes. his apartment was rigged with trip wires and a stereo was programmed to play loud music hoping to attract attention. the witness says a thermos of explosives was set up to spill into a frying pan containing another chemical that would start a fire. holmes appeared emotionless at the hearing. a woman whose husband was killed in the shooting believed holmes's demeanor is an act. >> he's faking it. he's in shock because he knows what he did. >> holmes is accused of murdering 12 and wounding dozens more in the shooting which prosecutors are trying to prove was premeditated. >>> coming up, turbulence ahead. boeing's dreamliner running into more problems. the next stop for the 787, san jose. >> plus, months of mysterious signs lead to an interesting discovery under need a woman's house. find out who she was sharing her home with. >> and a reporter taking a hit du
follow. president obama will meet with them on friday. beyoncÉ will sing the national anthem at president obama's inauguration. others include kelly clarkson, james taylor. that is your fox news minute. back to you. cheryl: thank you very much. according to new estimates, in 2,131,000,000,000 new smart phones were shipped worldwide taken a total to $2 billion. dennis: in one company looking to profit big from this. at the consumer electronics show, shibani joshi joins us now. >> every gadget and gizmo under the sunny to mention is here, but it is the engine and the brainpower of these tablets and smartphone devices that are really stealing the stage this year. qualcomm, the keynote speaker this year showing it is really the brains behind the beauty that enable everything that we know and would love to put the flash devices. i had opportunity to talk to him about what that means for consumer technology and perhaps if there is an area that he doesn't want to weigh in. >> now computing is going to be much more mobile, but we see mobile will be enabling as well. her formal talk to your tv or
to trial later this year. the obama administration has left open the possibility of removing all u.s. troops from afghanistan once combat operations in 2014. on tuesday, deputy national security adviser ben rhodes told reporters the white house has not ruled out a zero option policy, rather than other proposals to leave up to 20,000 troops behind. president obama is scheduled to discuss post-2014 troop levels with afghan president karzai later this week. the united nations' world food program continues to warn its been unable to meet the demands of the millions of syrians who require assistance. the u.n. is currently feeding some 1.5 million people in syria, but around 2.5 million are believed to be in need. on tuesday, a spokesperson for u.n. secretary-general ban ki- moon said aid workers have been unable to reach less than half of those requiring food aid. >> humanitarian partners continue to reach hundreds of thousands of people in syria. road closures, fuel shortages, and lack of access to conflict affected areas. since the beginning of january, the world food program has reac
in the wake of the newtown school shooting. tomorrow biden will meet with the national rifle association and other gun owner groups. president obama wants biden to hear about the policy plans by the end of the month. >>> the obama administration says when american troops pull out of afghanistan at the end of the neck year, the u.s. could pull out all of them. white house officials say they are considering the so-called zero option which would bring home every u.s. soldier. this despite the pentagon's view that some troops need to stay to keep a lid on al qaeda. >>> 4:37 now. for the continental united states, 2012 was the hottest year on record. that's according to government scientists. average temperature was 55.3 degrees. that broke the old record set in 1998 by one degree. but if you wake up this morning, you would never know. 37 degrees out in the east bay. >> i know. it's chilly, lawrence. >> now we have a chance of some snow maybe down to 1500 feet by tomorrow morning. so yeah, we have some big chance coming our way. even a chance of rain deve
unrelated to the determination around keystone. the question for president obama is keystone in the national intrelss -- interests? we clearly believe it is. prime minister harper of canada has said repeatedly it is a no-brainer. there will be those that try to confuse the issue. this shouldn't confuse anymore. stuart: they're going to confuse it even more. i had someone on the national resource defense council a couple of days ago that said the area where they are producing this oil from the tar sands in canada is now a vast industrial wasteland. that was the expression that he used. with that kind of verbiage around, that does give the environmentalists a real scare to promote the killing of the pipeline all over again. in your judgment, jack, i think you'd agree with me, they are going to kill this thing. >> well, it's a question of fact versus fiction, stuart, as you know, and some of these wild outrageous allegations, we need to remind people where they are coming from. those spokes people you're referencing, they adamantly oppose any oil and gas production, and they say so publicly. st
at the white house. the national rifle association was invited to meet with the obama administration on thursday including vice president joe biden. biden is heading an anti-gun violence task force in the wake of the newtown tragedy. the white house says the nra is one of many groups that will attend that meeting. >>> overseas, the only suspect jailed in connection with the attack on the consulate in benghazi has been freed. the attorney for 28-year-old said he was released because of lack of evidence. he was arrested back in october and held in his native country of tunisia. on september 11, militants attacked the consulate and killed four americans including u.s. ambassador and bay area native chris stevens. three of the five men charged with gang raping and beating to death a young woman in india are expected to plead not guilty. that is the advice they've been given by their attorneys. all five men are in court this week accused of attacking a student as she was riding the bus. there are reports that two of the suspects might testify against the other three in a deal to escape th
, beyonce singing etta james' classic "at last" at the first inaugural ball of president obama. this year, she will be front and center again, performing the national anthem at the president's swearing in. kelly clarkson singing "my country 'tis of thee," james taylor will perform "america the beautiful." >>> a security camera at a chevy chase home captured a suspected thief looking for valuables. the jeep was parked outside a house on village park place over the new year's holiday. montgomery county police say the dproors unlocked. investigators report that 90% of thefts from vehicles are because they were not locked. >>> the governor's big transportation plan was high on the agenda for the legislative session today. julie carey found out emotions are already running high on an issue. >> i have seen some screw ready up bill -- screwed up bills in life, this takes the cake. >> reporter: that was the very blunt answer about the major transportation plan from governor mcdonnell. the plan to raise $3.2 billion over the next five years relies on scrapping the 17.5-cent gas tax on vehicles an
in 2009 president obama decided against an investigation. and a criminal investigation ended last year with no charges and no public report. and that's how it should be. because remember, nation, when it comes to actual torture, "what you don't know won't hurt you." [ laughter ] and if you do know, we will hurt you until you tell us what you know. [ laughter ] but this is more important than reality. this is the movies, where americans learn their history. [ laughter ] that's how i learned that slavery was bad, and lincoln was killed by a vampire. [ laughter ] again daniel day lewis is a genius. he will be missed. [ laughter ] the key question is not whether torture led to bin laden, but whether it will lead to oscarrrrrr! [ laughter ] because this movie is racking up the praise. last night it won the new york film critics most movie award. and my erstwhile guest bigelow somehow found time to attend that function, saying "depiction is not endorsement, and if it was, no artist could ever portray inhumane practices; no author could ever write about them; and no film-maker could ever del
, national law. thank you. >> my pleasure, jeff. >> ifill: as the president's second term takes shape, the obama administration is grappling with one of its thorniest challenges, deciding how many troops will or will not remain in afghanistan after 2014. judy woodruff has that. >> woodruff: the talk of how many u.s. troops to leave in afghanistan comes with 66,000 still serving there, down from a peak of 100,000 in 2010. under current plans, combat forces would be withdrawn by the end of 2014, leaving an undetermined number of americans to train afghan troops. but yesterday the white house deputy national security advisor -- ben rhodes -- told reporters the number could be zero. he said, "we wouldn't rule out any option. the u.s. does not have an inherent objective of 'x' number of troops in afghanistan." the comment raised eyebrows in washington, especially in light of something that vice president joe biden said, in a campaign debate last fall. >> we are leaving. we are leaving in 2014, period, and in the process, we're going the primary objective is almost completed. now all we're
negative for alcohol. the national transportation safety board is investigating. >>> today, vice president joe biden suggested president obama might take executive action on gun control, but biden said no decision has been made on what that action might be. the comment was made during the meeting with gun safety advocates, one of a series that bind will hold as he considers ways to curb gun violence. he noted that the mass shooting that killed 20 first graders in connecticut last month has profoundly touched the nation. >> [ inaudible ] >> tomorrow, the vice president meets with members of the national rifle association you walmart and other gun rights advocates. >>> several new gun measures are on the agenda for virginia lawmakers who are back at work today. one of those proposals would allow teachers carry a gun in school. julie carey is at the state house in richmond with these ho hot-button issues. jewels? >> reporter: since the virginia tech shootings five years ago, the virginia general assembly has back battleground with clashes between gun control activist and right supporters. in
and guam as well as, not surprisingly mothers against drunk driving. >> marcia coyle national law. thank you. >> my pleasure, jeff. >> ifill: as the president's second term takes shape, the obama administration is grappling with one of its thorniest challenges, deciding how many troops will or will not remain in afghanistan after 2014. judy woodruff has that. >> woodruff: the talk of how many u.s. troops to leave in afghanistan comes with 66,000 still serving there, down from a peak of 100,000 in 2010. under current plans, combat forces would be withdrawn by the end of 2014, leaving an undetermined number of americans to train afghan troops. but yesterday the white house deputy national security advisor -- ben rhodes -- told reporters the number could be zero. he said, "we wouldn't rule out any option. the u.s. does not have an inherent objective of 'x' number of troops in afghanistan." the comment raised eyebrows in washington, especially in light of something that vice president joe biden said, in a campaign debate last fall. >> we are leaving. we are leaving in 2014, period, and in th
, new de-day for our nation's debt. and as valentine's day present for taxpayers. the details, and president obama getting his second term administration in order to weeks before inauguration day. i will break down by one of his picks has me asking a lots and lots of questions. ♪ many of my patients still clean their dentures with toothpaste. but they have to use special care in keeping the denture clean. dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident is designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains, cleaning in a better way than brushing with toothpaste. that's why i recommend using polident. [ male announcer ] polident. cleaner, fresher, brighter every day. deal with the debt ceiling? >> the fiscal cliff did not fix the debt. is this tax policy or fixing in debt and deficit? and but i was a big supporter to say we got it deal with debt and deficit. >> you voted against the fiscal cliff? >> we have three
? >> shepard: biden is leading a task force on gun violence and it will hear from the national rifle association. the nra has accepted a invitation to meet with the group this week. president obama asked the v.p. to come up with recommendations this month to try to prevent a repeat of the massacre in newtown, connecticut. gabriel giffords and her husband the astronaut mark kelly visited new town, now they are launching their own effort to reduce gun violence. two years to the day since a gunman shot her in the head and killed six people wounding a dozen others. trace gallagher in our west coast news hub this afternoon. they are putting a lot of pressure on congress, aren't they? >> the pressure in congress as well as the national rifle association, shep. the reason that gabriel giffords and mark kelly came up with that political action committee was to raise enough money so they could fight the gun lobby on capitol hill. in their op ed in "u.s.a. today" giffords and kelly right in part quoting here wise policy has conquered disease, protected from us dangerous products and substances
say he could present findings next week. mr. obama indicated support for among other things ban on assault weapons. new restrictions on magazines and loophole free background check. national data base to track weapons and increase mental health efforts. >> there is a wide consensus in the gun safety area that should be done around the table. >> he will meet with the other side, even an official from the national rifle association that opposes attempt to restrict gun rights. they proclaimed january 19 gun appreciation day. they want a big show of support at gun show, stores and shooting ranges. the group leader said if the american people don't fight back now, obama will do to the second amendment what he did to the first. gut it without a moment's thought. after the meeting they fired back at opponents. >> the debate over the second amendment is a distraction that gun lobby is trying to create from a sensible discussion of real solution that the american public supports. >> the nra and other pro gun groups insist on examination of culture, specifically the video game industry. >
committee is set to announce that at the swearing-in ceremony for president obama and vice president biden, a fiancee will sing the national anthem. kelly -- beyonce will sing the national anthem. kelly clarkson will sing "my country 'tis of thee." james taylor will sing -- you can watch the swearing-in on c-span. a man accused of stealing a truck containing president obama's audio equipment is scheduled to plead guilty today. a 2005 ford van containing podiums and electronic equipment used by the president was going doss stolen from a hotel parking lot last october. and the band -- was stolen from a hotel parking lot last october and recovered the next day. it happened just ahead of a visit by obama to a richmond fire station where he promoted his jobs plan. vice president biden will meet with victims and gun safety organizations. the aim is to build consensus around proposals to curb gun violence following the horrific elementary school shooting in newtown, connecticut. tamara, the vice president meets with the national rifle association and other -- tomorrow, the vice president meets wi
to a national security adviser in the administration. despite recommendations by general john allen for the u.s. to leave as many as 15,000 troops, this is the first suggestion that president obama could opt for a full withdrawal as he did in iraq in 2011. others in the administration are calling for a limited footprint, maybe as small as 2,500 troops. military officials say a force of that size would not be able to prevent a collapse of the fragile afghan state. >>> afghan president hamid karzai scheduled to meet with president obama on friday to discuss exactly this, the u.s. role in afghanistan beyond 2014. >>> now to business where the 787 dreamliner is turning into a bit of a night may for boeing as the airplanes are under investigation after back-to-back days of problems in boston. yesterday one of the jets spilled about 40 gallons of fuel on the runway at logan international airport. that's one day after an electrical fire caused by an exploding battery grounded a different dreamliner plane, also at logan airport. for more on boeing's troubles, let's go to jeff cutmoore in london. >> r
we have a problem, mr. president with all due respect. it's clear the obama administration is spending an enormous amount of one agency that specializes on n. abortion. this in a time when the national debt is crushing the american people. so that's wrong on many levels. we need a congressional investigation into the funding of planned parenthood. since the senate is controlled by democrats, we don't expect that body to cooperate in any investigation. we are asking members of the house to take a hard look at what could be, what could be a gross violation of federal law. we will let you know what congress people step up and agree to do that. and that's the memo. top story tonight opposing point of view with us christina page author of the book how the pro-choice movement saved america? so where am i going wrong here, ms. page? >> you are going wrong on accounting. you are going wrong the -- your assumptions of where this money is being spent. planned parenthood is a healthcare provider. a leading healthcare provider and provides primary healthcare services to millions of ame
. we've got another deadline looming as well in our nation's capital. this one having nothing to do with deficits or budgets or cliff. after newtown, president obama asked vice president biden to come up with concrete steps to curb gun violence and said, quote, no later than january. so right now in the eisenhower executive office building, which is right next door to the white house, joe biden is sitting down with gun violence victims and gun safety groups. and our dan lothian is watching all of this closely. this all seems to be unfolding fairly quickly, certainly by washington standards. so do we know at this point where the joe biden group is heading in terms of policy, or is it an open book? >> reporter: well, you know, to some extent, it is an open book. and you are correct in that this is moving very quickly, and the president had pointed out early on that when he formed this group and had the vice president lead it, that he wanted to get some policy proposals by the end of this month. so that's the reason that you're seeing this move very quickly. but some of the things that
in colorado. the vice president will meet tomorrow with the national rifle association and other gun owner groups. mes will be with representatives from the video game entertainment industry as well. if this is all part of the panel that president obama created following the sandy hook elementary shooting. new york mayor michael bloomberg, a strong supporter of tighter gun laws, is advising the vice president. >> secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to testify later this month on the deadly september 11th assault and libya. clinton has been scheduled to testify last month but she felt during an illness and she suffered a concussion. she was recently hospitalized for a blood clot. clinton returns to work on monday. she had promised to appear before the senate and house foreign affairs panel before stepping down from her job. president obama has nominated senator john kerry to replace her. >> we will be right back. [ mom ] dear chex cereal, i just had to write. you can't imagine how long i've been searching for something like this for my family. i'm amazed you make so many great fl
of the facto national policy than the nasa strategic plan. the obama administration's stimulus program was greater than nasa's budget. the united states sent humans to the moon, built and operated a space shuttle, explore the solar system, and contributed a share of the international space station for less than the cost of the american recovery and reinvestment act. into a's environment, but seeming discretionary expenditure for civil space exploration will be challenging unless there is a clear rationale linking such efforts to broader national interest can be supported in a bipartisan manner over many years. but hope to convey is that while nasa faces challenges, a way forward exists to put the agency on a more stable and sustainable foundation. . [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> so we should punish them for the fact that they have been honoring and paying appropriately so when we go through and provide principal reduction and say you have been a good guy so you don't -- >> i'm not saying we're going t
the moment. four years ago, president obama and the first lady had their first official dance by a live performance by beyons same the singer will perform again at the inauguration. this time, singing the national anthem. kelly clarkson singing "my country 'tis of thee," james taylor will perform "america the beautiful." >> we note men knew for the traditional lunch congress hosts inside the capitol after the president and vice president are sworn n the first course will be steamed lobster with new england clam chowder. the main course is hickory-grilled bison. the third course, apple pie with sour cream ice cream, aged cheese and honey. new york state wipes will be served with every course. the menu was created with the help of a catering company from arlington called design cuisine. >>> let's just stay calm. >> does the president know? >> the new nbc sitcom "1600 p n penn." in a matter of minutes, the president will host the cast and crew for a screening it follows the adventures of a fictional president and his wacky family. premiers at 9:30 on nbc four. >> pressure on the fake fami
ted nugent. and president obama is considering proposals beyond reinstating a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. according to the washington post, a paper, the task force is looking closely at measures like universal background checks and a national gun database and strengthening mental health checks. meanwhile, piers morgan's show is the home of thoughtful debate on this matter. on monday he invited conspiracy enthusiast alex jones who offered a calm and cogent argument for guns. >> stalin took the guns, mal, took the guns castro took the guns, hugo chavez took the guns. and i am here to tell you 1776 will commence again if you try to take our fire rms a. it doesn't matter how many you get there on the street begging for them to have their guns taken. we will not relinquish them. do you understand? >> i think he speaks for all of us. there is more. >> you are a hatchet man of the new world order. you are a hatchet man. i will say this right here. you think are you a tough guy? have me back with a boxing ring in here and i will wear red, white and blue and you can we
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